You Are Not Alone (Y.A.N.A.)

What is Y.A.N.A. ?

Y.A.N.A. is a FREE telephone reassurance and welfare maintenance program for residents in the Wisconsin Dells School District. This program is designed to provide daily phone contact to senior citizens, disabled persons or anyone that can positively benefit from routine contact. The goal of this program is to provide a piece of mind and measure of security to community members who enjoy the independence of living alone.

How does Y.A.N.A. work?

Dispatchers from the Wisconsin Dells Police Department will call participants daily. If the participant does not answer the phone after several attempts, a series of steps will follow to ensure their safety and well-being. These steps may include calling emergency contacts, dispatching the appropriate police and dispatching medical services.

How can you or a loved one participate?

There are four ways to sign up for the program:

  1. Scroll down for web form. Complete and submit.
  2. Click here for application to print and mail to address on form.
  3. Call our dispatch center at 608.253.1611 and register via phone.
  4. Stop by our police department located at 712 Oak Street, Wisconsin Dells and register with one of our dispatchers.


  1. Can I sign up a loved one? Absolutely, we will accept all applications and start calling immediately.
  2. What hours will the calls be made? Participants will provide a two hour time frame to receive calls. Dispatch can call 24 hours/day 7days/week.
  3. What if the participant temporarily leaves their residence (vacation, hospital etc.). Participant’s should let the dispatch center know of dates when they will not be home. Notes will be made and the participant will not be called.
  4. How long before I can start receiving calls? You will start getting calls almost  immediately after submitting the application.
  5. How long does the dispatcher talk for? The dispatcher will have a brief conversation with you. Conversations will vary depending on how busy the dispatcher center is.

NOTE: This service is free and voluntary. This service does not substitute for calling 911 in the event of an emergency. Always call 911 if there is an emergency.

Scroll Down for Application Form