City of Wisconsin Dells
Volunteer Screening and Background Checks

The City of Wisconsin Dells is fortunate and proud to have community volunteers. Priortizing community safety, volunteer screening is mandatory for all volunteers. Thank you very much for respecting our policy. 

How does the screening work?

Prospective volunteers shall complete the volunteer application form (link below), attach a picture and deliver to the Wisconsin Dells Police Department. A background investigation will be completed. If the results indicate no disqualifying events, a volunteer badge will be issued.

What is the cost?

The cost of the background investigation is $10. The volunteer badge is included in the cost. Lost badges will be replaced for a $5 fee.

When can I volunteer?

Possessing a volunteer badge does not guarantee volunteer opportunities. It is advised to consult with city officials to see if volunteer opportunities exist prior to receiving a volunteer badge.

note: authorized department officials may revoke a volunteer status at any time.

When does the badge expire?

Badges are valid for 2 years. New applications must be completed for renewals.


Volunteer Application