Community Assigned Patrol

The Wisconsin Dells Police Department’s goal is to enhance the quality of life in our community through the protection of life and property, fair and unbiased law enforcement, and community partnerships. 

Often times the quality of life in a neighborhood is disrupted by re-occurring problems or nuisances. Sporadic enforcement may not suffice when residents expect continuous surveillance and immediate problem resolution. Police attention to problem neighborhoods is often diluted by staffing matters such as shift changes, section rotations, off groups, and special assignments (desk duty, radar enforcement, etc.). 

The area residents feel like victims, frustrated and helpless. Responding officers are often unaware of the on-going problems and therefore handle the situation on the surface; prior knowledge of the neighborhood tribulations could greatly impact the officer’s enforcement efforts and subsequent outcome of each complaint.

Enhancing Community Policing by assigning officers to geographical areas within the city provides "buy in" for the officers and a point of contact for the citizen. 

Citizens should always call 911 in the event of an emergency. If immediate service is required the shift officer will take the complaint. If an ongoing neighborhood dispute, nuisance property issues or any other problems that are neighborhood related, feel free to contact your assigned CAP Officer.


Ward 1: Officer Travis Clausen,

Ward 2: Officer DuWayne Cournoyer,

Ward 3: Officer Scott Albrecht,

Wards 4, 7 & 8: Officer Brent Brown,

Wards 5 & 9: Officer Dan Delmore,

Ward 6: Officer David Pugh,

All Columbia County Businesses within the City of Wisconsin Dells: Officer Jed Seidl,


Don't know where you live: Click here for WARD MAP